Rainbox is a "psychedelic" paint program, which uses palette animation to make your drawings appear as if they're moving. Rainbox is freeware.

Download Rainbox 1.3 for Mac (about 100K)

(PC users should check out LiquidPaint, a similar program by Christopher Emirzian.)

Rainbox also includes a screensaver module for "DarkSide of the Mac", that will let you use your Rainbox pictures as screensavers.

Download Darkside of the Mac

AlexWarp for Mac

This is a Mac version of the AlexWarp Java program. The advantage of the Mac version over the Java version is that you can warp any picture you want, and you can save the warped version to your hard drive. AlexWarp for Mac is freeware.

Download AlexWarp for Mac (about 16K)

(Sorry, there is no PC version available, but you can use the Java version.)

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